Sunday, March 2, 2008

Helping people enjoy outdoor activities

Enjoying scenic outdoor is one of life pleasures.  Many people enjoy hiking and traveling.  Outdoor Products is making hiking enjoyable and fun by supplying wonderful outdoor products.  You can buy backpacks to hold your travel essentials.  You can buy Hydration bladders that allow you to drink water while hiking.  It's making millions.

Problem:  Hiking and traveling requires many essential items, such as food, drinks, cameras, and other personal items.  It's difficult to carry all the items in hands.
Idea/Solution:  Backpacks + Hydration bladders + water bottles + Waist Packs + Duffles + Ponchos + Camping Bags + Great quality + Life time warranty

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Experts' guide specifically for beginners

The world is changing so quickly and there are so many things to learn and know.  Most people do not have the time to research a topic and learn all about it.  Dummies guide is a company that get the experts in the field and write a book on the topic.  For example, the green living is getting popular, so they publish a book called, "Green Living for Dummies."  Instead of reading many books, you can just read one For Dummies book and you get a good understanding of the topic.  Dummies has books on topics under Everyday Computing, Advanced Computing, The Internet, At Home, Health-Mind-Spirit, Making and Managing Money, Sports and Lesiure, Travel, and more.  It's making millions guiding people.

Problem:  There are so many topic to learn.  Most people do not have the time to research and read up many books on each topic.
Idea/Solution:  Book + Expert + Topic + Pretty good understanding +  Many different topics + Website

Friday, February 29, 2008

Making billions transporting packages

Everyday millions of people send packages around the globe.  UPS transport the packages for a fee.  It has many different types of services based on the customers' time requirement.  You can send a package around US via ground or air.  Ground transportation takes alot longer, but cheaper, than air delivery.  UPS is making billions.

Problem:  We need to deliver packages for family, friends, or business purposes.
Idea/Solution:  Website + Stores + Delivery routes (Air, ground, water) + Pickups + fees

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Internet device making millions

In US, the access to the web is every where.  Whether you are home, school, work, or stores, they have Wi-Fi access to the web. produce an internet device that connects to the web using Wi-Fi.  The device can be turned into a single application device.  It can be an alarm clock, weather channel, photo album that display photos from the web, or alot of other function.  It can be your sport channel that displays sport scores.  It's making millions.

Problem:  Having a computer to connect to the web is inconvenient.
Idea/Solution:  Device + Single web application + Small size + Clock/Photo album/Sport channel/Weather channel/Trivia display/Social network display

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Providing medical professionals with stylish scrubs

Every city has a hospital.  Each hospital is filled with medical professionals.  They wear scrubs and the scrubs are plain and dull. is providing medical professionals with stylish scrubs.  You can get scrubs in many colors and many designs.  It is making hospitals fashion runway with fashionable scrubs. is making millions.

Problem:  Hospitals are every where.  Medical staff in hospitals wear dull scrubs.
Idea/Solution:  Website + Scrubs + Fashion + Colors + Designs

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Making millions selling inflatable balloons

Companies needs to advertise and get noticed.  A good advertising tool is having big inflatable balloon of an object representing the company.  Shoes company can make a big inflatable shoe and people can see it far away.  Boulder Blimp Company is helping people make stylish, attractive, and colorful inflatable balloons.  It's making millions.

Problem:  Advertising is costly and complex.
Idea/Solution:  Inflatable balloon + Company Object + Unique Object + Large size + Attractive + Memorable

Monday, February 25, 2008

Helping people get good interest rate for loans

For many people, American dream is to own a home.  Getting a loan to buy a house is complicated.  There are many types of loans.  Each loan has a different interest rate and fee. is a website where you can learn about different types of loans and check rates.  You can compare different type of loans and there are calculators to help you understand about how much you need to pay. is making millions providing a wonderful service.

Problem:  Home loans are complicated and there are many types.
Idea/Solution:  Website + Education + Different type of loans + Interest rates + Fees + free